HI! I'm Getulio Sánchez

I would like to live in a world where people constantly innovate, a world where books and ice cream are available for everybody to enjoy the pleasure they provide.

When I'm not programming, I can be found watching an anime series or resting on the sofa asking the question "why" for forty-seven-zillionth time.

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Awards I have won since high school.

Note: I do not usually take pictures, so please forgive me if some of them are not of good quality. They are the best—in some cases the only ones—I could get :)

My Activities

I consider myself a very active person. I am interested in different topics from science to education to environment to bussiness. However, I must admit that most of my activities are about Computer Science. This is an overview of the things I have done during the past years.

If you asked a friend of mine to associate me with a word, he would probably choose "computer." I got my first computer when I was 13 years old, and since then, I have learned more about this machine's world. Due to my early beginning, I am usually the youngest at events related to computer science: the youngest at hackathons, the youngest exponent, the youngest mentor at the Google Code-in 2015 Summit, etc. Computers have contributed in the most important experiences of my life, from participation in national contests to free! trips to foreign countries.

Back in 2014, I volunteered as the Director of Partnerships for the TESLA organization, which provided rural schools with scientific activities. During this experience I discovered my interest in education, thus I have participated in many educational activities since then. My most important contributions were the projects I coordinated in the Central Department of Paraguay, which included Central Trilingüe—a project to offer English classes through an online platform—and Innova Central—an initiative to ignite interest in science which concluded with projects presented in a science fair.


I started with Open Source Development when I met the Drupal community in Google Code-in 2014. Since then, I have actively contributed with the community. My main contributions are part of the Drupal Social Initiative for the Social API project and its components. I also mentored students from Google Code-in (GCI) 2015 and Google Code-in 2016 to introduce them to Drupal.

I enjoy giving presentations. I like sharing my experience and knowledge with others. I have given many talks but never repeated a single topic and have spoken on a variety of subjects ranging from personal stories to scholarships. Once I was invited as a speaker at Gramo, a variation of Ted talks developed by Paraguayan entrepeneurs.

Seriously, I must emphasize that I enjoy learning. I love enrolling in online classes through platform such as edX, Coursera, and FutureLearn; indeed, I have taken 20+ classes in different subjects. I have also watched 1500+ hours of videotutorials about programming on youtube. Did I mention that I have watched more than 1600 videos on Khan Academy?

I am interested in a variety of fields, thus I have helped in numerous organizations which focus on different types of issues. Volunteering is not an act of altruism at all. In fact, everytime I volunteer, I receive more than what I give. Through volunteering, I have made many friends, found a sense of purpose,and felt happy! Most importantly, through volunteer activities I have developed my relationship skills.


These are some of the news and posts about me and/or projects I worked on.

Google Code-in 2014 wrap up with Drupal

I wrote a blogpost about my experience during GCI 2014 which was published on Google Open Source Blog

Central presente en encuentro internacional sobre educación virtual

Central Trilingüe project was selected to present the model we implemented for the Central State of Paraguay in an international summit on virtual education

Paraguayo gana concurso de Google

ABC TV interviewed me after Google Code-in 2014 Grand Prize Winners announcement was made

“Construye tus sueños” culminó con éxito

Cooperativa Universitaria wrote a short description on the winner projects of "Construye Tus Sueños," an initiative created by Paraguay Emprende


This is what people think about me and my work. As you may notice, even though my first name is Getulio, most people call me by my middle name "Valentin."


Mateu Aguiló

Senior Developer, Lullabot.

"Valentín, as I have told you already your ability for hard work and the fact that you know how to listen for advice, combined with the fact that you are so smart, will give you success. If I had to give you advise on anything I'd say, try to surround yourself with more experienced people and reach for help whenever you need it."

Social API Final Evaluation's Feedback

Matthew Lechleider

Drupal's Organization Admin, Google OSPO Programs.

"gvso is my right hand man helping out Drupal's initiative for Google Code-In. Winning GCI 2014 and helping organize GCI in 2015 made me realize Valentin is a rock star. Overseeing his Social API project still blows me away that Valentin's Drupal contributions are on a level beyond seasoned veterans."


Héctor Gómez

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Rosetta Stone

"The success of our programs depends mainly on people like Valentin: people who are highly competitive in the field, demonstrate leadership in supporting teachers and students, and can approach issues ingeniously. Professionals like Valentin help us to improve people's life and make this world a better place."


Elisa Heinrich

Director-general, TESLA

"In the time I've shared with Valentin I've realized how easy is to admire him. Valentin is one of those few people who does not need more than a computer, internet connection and trust, and will change the world. He is a synergy of multiple qualities such as maturity, professionalism, humility and intelligence that create this special individual who is eager to work hard for what he believes. Whatever he wants to do, I truly believe he will succeed."